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Gardener's Outlet has been serving the West Texas area for over twenty years! Only the best in quality plants for your home.  Gardener's Outlet has a variety of annual bedding plants, garden vegetables, perennials, and hanging baskets.

They can even custom build a planter just for you! Come in and select from a variety of beautiful plants and let our experts create a patio container that is uniquely yours.  We pay attention to detail and continue to achieve consistent high-quality plants.

Gardener's Outlet offers the expertise that your home garden deserves and needs.  They offer outstanding customer service, as well as, an exciting array of plant and garden accessories for every budget.  From huge geraniums to the vast selection of annuals for the sun to the wide variety of plants that thrive in the shade.  Gardener's Outlet has the selection of plants that you are looking for.  Our large assortment of plants will find you walking our paths finding exciting new colors and variations of plants.

Gardener's Outlet excels in the quality of each plant.

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The plants are grown in-house for adaptability to the West Texas climate.  This insures that each plant is acclimated to the growing environment in our area.  This renders plants, that have an established root system which gives vitality for each plant.  Then add a tremendous variety of color into the mix and you will be amazed by how you can transform your flower beds with vibrancy and hues of color that adds a great venue to the gardening palate.  One of the advantages of working with the knowledgeable staff at Gardener's Outlet is in the ability to answer specific questions about the plants.

You are encouraged to come in and see the difference and know that the experienced staff will assist you in finding the best plants for your gardening needs.  Additionally, you can find assistance in the proper ways of growing different plants.

With 20 years of professional garden experience in the landscaping industry, you will find Gardener's Outlet a vital asset in planting your garden, or growing your own vegetables. 

Make plans today to stop by and see how you can transform your garden with Gardener’s Outlet.


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While we may not have every plant under the sun, we have a huge selection of many different kinds of plants like: Annual Bedding Plants, Garden Vegetables, Perennials, Hanging Baskets, Patio Containers.

Most of our plants are grown in house and sold directly to you for your everyday enjoyment!!


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Make your yard beautiful for fall


Gardener’s Outlet has all the plants you need for a blooming garden

Pansies, kale and cabbage — when you walk in the door at Gardener’s Outlet that is all you see: bench after bench full of kale, cabbage, pansies and violas, all grown right there on the premises. Now that fall is finally here, you can find all your fall plants at Gardener’s Outlet. Manager Bryan Ragland says he has both white and purple ornamental kale and cabbage in a variety of sizes from 1-gallon pots down to 4-inch pots and prices to meet anyone’s budget. The 1-gallon cabbage and kale measure on average from 12 to 14 inches across, with some even measuring larger. These plants are just starting to color with the recent cooler weather.

Gardener’s Outlet also has pansies and violas in a variety of colors and varieties — from solid colors to the majestic giant varieties that look like they have a face on them. Now that the weather has finally cooled down, all Gardener’s Outlet’s fall plants can be planted just about anywhere they can get at least a half day of sunlight or more.

Bryan says pansies, kale, cabbage and violas also do well planted in pots, as long as the pots are large enough. Since any type of dirt in a pot gets colder than the ground, the pot needs to be large enough to be able to deal with cool night temps as the winter temperatures start dropping. Usually a pot that is 14 inches or more across the top, and at least a foot deep will let fall plants survive through the winter here. If you have never tried planting ornamental kale or cabbage, Bryan recommends giving them a try. As the temperatures start to drop, the centers of the kale and cabbage will start to color either white or purple, depending on the variety. He says they are a great accent with pansies and violas. Bryan also says that if you have never tried planting violas, give it a try. Bryan says he has a lot of customers who prefer them to pansies since they bloom more than pansies do. He says, “Even though violas have a smaller bloom than a pansy does, they show up just as well as a pansy does in the garden due to their abundance of blooms at any given time.” Bryan also has a variety of colors of mums as well, so if you have never been out to Gardener’s Outlet, come visit and see what Gardener’s Outlet has to offer. 

Bryan also wanted everyone to know that he has a good selection of perennials, trees and shrubs that are discounted 25-percent off his already low prices thru the end of October. He says that fall is actually the best time of year to plant perennials, trees and shrubs since they will have time to root well before it gets cold. When spring comes, they will be rooted and ready to start growing right away when temperatures start to rise.

So if you have never paid a visit to Gardener’s Outlet, Bryan hopes you will come visit him, and see all the homegrown fall plants Gardener’s Outlet has to offer, as well as his selection of perennials.

Gardener’s Outlet is open 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. They are closed on Sundays. They are located at 1805 N. Frankford Ave. — about a mile and a half north of the Wal-Mart on 4th Street and Frankford Avenue. You can also check out their Facebook page (Gardeners Outlet), or their webpage at Give Bryan a call at (806) 744-5404 if you have any questions about your fall planting needs.


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